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an alle wo das Spiel nicht startet und die Comodo Firewall benutzen.
Comodo Deaktivieren/Ausschalten reicht nicht allein. Entweder kpt deinstallieren
oder folgende Anleitung befolgen (übersetzen kann sich jeder den selber denke ich). Ist aus nem Thread kopiert und funktioniert.


Hi guys, I spent hours to get this demo to start. It showed the logo, blinked grey-black-grey and the window closed without any notification.

All the tricks in the internet did not work... But than I found this one: This time it was not Avira (that caused my problems with FH3), it was COMODO Firewall. If you make an exception for the game, you are good to go (if you don't have any other problems with the game...)

At first let your Windows Explorer show hidden folders.

Go to Comodo/Settings/Advanced Protection/Miscellaneous and click on "these applications"

Here click on "Add"/"Folders"

Navigate to "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps" and click ok
--> the folder might be on another harddrive, when you installed FH4 Demo not on C:
For me it is "F:\WindowsApps"

In the end it has to look like this (just in case I took both paths, but I guess one woul be enough) - sorry for the German screenshot, but I think you get the point anyway ;-)

Just wanted to share this with you, because the game is fantastic, and nothing is more frustrating than hearing that from all your friends and you cannot play it.

Have fun


Hoffe konnte helfen.
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